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Enough with the guidance


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A Rescue Mission Gone Wrong

This video was sent to me by a former student, M.V. (thanks, by the way!).

It is a great material to practice listening comprehension because it’s a piece of news, beautifully told by CBS news correspondent Bruce Dunning. Of course, it’s also a historical document of the horrors of war.

The aircraft had been sent to Da Nang short before the end of the Vietnam War in order to evacuate women and children. Instead, it landed in Saigon full of soldiers who defected the South Vietnamese regime, and had crammed inside the plane, leaving behind the people to whom the rescue mission was intended.

As you watch the video on a new window, try to answer these questions:

1) When did this happen? (day + month)
2) How did the people run after the plane as it landed in Da Nang?
3) What did the pilots report via radio when the people started boarding the plane?
5) What did the angry men left behind do?
6) What part of the aircraft was damaged by a grenade?
7) How high was the plane when seven men fell off?
8) How many passangers were there on board? Of these, how many were women and children?
9) Why did the plane have to fly at low altitude?
10) Summarize the total damage the aircraft suffered.
11) How long does this trip usually take? How long did it take on that day?
12) Where did the soldiers come out of when the plane finally landed?

Here’s the video.

Did you have trouble understanding the video or answering the questions? Why not take some classes?

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The Addams Family

Who has never watched The Addams on TV? If you’re  over 30, that is. Well, today their creator, Charles Addams, would be 100 years old.

Just for fun, let’s see if you can match the names of the characters in English to their counterparts in Portuguese:

English: Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley, Thing, Cousin Itt.

Portuguese: Vandinha, Vovó Addams, Gomez, Tropeço, Mãozinha, Tio Chico, Primo Coisa, Mortícia, Feioso.


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