Confusing words: agenda/ diary/ appointment book

Can you match each one of the pictures to one of the words below?

(Definitions found at The Free Dictionary.)

Agenda: things to be done or a list of those things (as a list of the matters to be discussed at a meeting).

Diary: A daily record, especially a personal record of events, experiences, and observations; a journal.

Appointment book: a book containing a calendar and space to keep a record of appointments.

Sample sentence:

“Sandra checked her appointment book and saw the meeting, scheduled for 2 pm. She prepared the agenda, and included some topics she thought were important. Later that evening she wrote in her diary: ‘The meeting was a success!'”

Ainda está difícil de entender? Que tal uma aula?



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4 responses to “Confusing words: agenda/ diary/ appointment book

  1. João B. L. Ghizoni

    Excellent explanations and very clear differences. Great! Brazilians usually can’t tell these words apart! Great job, Carol. Again!

  2. Gosto de usar a expressão “agenda” como se fosse uma idéia de vida paralela, o que é mais comum e confortável. E.g: Paris Hilton has a hidden agenda with her friends that newspapers don’t know about.

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