Expression of the week: Paint the town

“Paint the town”.

Portuguese equivalent: “pintar o sete”.

Sample sentences:

“It’s São Paulo’s 457 anniversary today! Let’s go out and paint the town! I wanna drop by every bar in Vila Madalena!”

“You look terrible! I’ll bet you were out painting the town last night!”

This one goes out for São Paulo – SP, my hometown, the place where I’ve lived a great part of my life and which has always given me wonderful work opportunities!

Here’s to a brighter and better future with fewer traffic jams, fewer slums, fewer floods, more sunny Sundays at Ibirapuera Park, more concerts at Sala São Paulo, more civility from us, dwellers!

Happy 457!!

Ainda está difícil entender a expressão? Que tal uma aula?


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One response to “Expression of the week: Paint the town

  1. João B. L. Ghizoni

    That’s a new expression for me. Thanks for teaching it!

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