Things to Do When You’re Blue: #1 – Get a Pedicure

If you’re anything like me at all, you get kind of down on Sundays. I even wrote about it before. I really can’t explain it, because I don’t always have to work on Monday mornings, so it doesn’t really make any sense. Maybe it’s a remnant of my school years, when the mere sound of the opening tune of ‘Fantástico’ used to make me want to cry. I don’t even watch Globo anymore, but I still get this sinking feeling on Sunday afternoons…

That’s how I was feeling today when I remembered I once bought a great deck of cards that used to cheer me up when I was feeling like this. And after a few drawers had been emptied (maybe that’ wasn’t such a good idea after all), I found it: “52 Silly Things To Do When You are Blue”, a cute little deck of cards written by Lynn Gordon and illustrated by Susan Synarski. Ms. Gordon has written several wonderful books and decks of inspirational cards, that you can find and purchase here. Please pay a visit to this website and enjoy her work!

So when you get blue on Sunday afternoons, just drop by for some ideas on how to lift your spirits! (I’ll help you out with any difficult vocabulary)









to pamper = to treat with affectionate and usually excessive indulgence (Portuguese equivalent = mimar)



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9 responses to “Things to Do When You’re Blue: #1 – Get a Pedicure

  1. João B. L. Ghizoni

    I’ll certainly drop by there if I feel blue. Though I must confess I seldo feel that way. Lucy me, aren’t I?

  2. João B. L. Ghizoni

    Correction: LUCKY me, aren’t I?

  3. Leandro

    Hey Carol, I feel the same way about sundays… I thought I was the only one who got some butterflies in the stomach when heard that frigging tune (Fantastico and Silvio Santo’s “show de calouros”, also…) Kind of psycho stuff…. I should go get some treatment!

  4. I loved this post, Carolina! I confess that sometimes I feel blue on Sundays, specially in the evening! And having the feet pedicured is fantastic, although I prefer to do it by myself. It’s some kind of therapy for me! Thanks.

  5. Jirka

    Hello Carol,
    I am greeting You from the Czech Republic (little country in the middle of the Europe). I also have these so called sad Sundays. In addition I don’t live in a city, but in a countryside in a small village where is quite difficult to find someone’s company. That makes Sundays even more pessimistic. But there are a lot of animals at our farmhouse, so I usually let our dogs out. They are so happy and spontaneous that my feelings get better.
    Beside this post I am a PPL pilot, willing to pass ICAO exam to level 5 (I set a goal for myself :-). Actually this is a reason I found your web-pages, that seems to me very useful …..
    So let me thank You for Your great work.
    If You don’t mind, I will set out some questions that for sure will arise (regarding my English study/preparation for ICAO)
    Have a nice day.

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