Expression of the week: Don’t be a stranger now!

“Don’t be a stranger now!”

Portuguese equivalent: “mantenha contato!”

Sample sentences:

(At the end of a dinner with friends) “Well, it was great seeing you again!”  “Definitely! Don’t be a stranger now!

“Sweetheart, I’ll see you next year. Now, don’t be a stranger!”  “Ok, Grandma. I promise I’ll call you every week!”

PS: those of you who have played Carmen San Diego (yeah, I’m old, don’t bug me about it!) will remember this expression…




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2 responses to “Expression of the week: Don’t be a stranger now!

  1. João B. L. Ghizoni

    Nice translation, Carolina! Though I’d more or less imagined it, I don’t think I’d dare to write it, lol.

    Now, about the phrase “it was great seeing you again”, it is not according to the rules, is it? We should use an infinitive after adjectives, and we ca nuse gerunds as subjects, thus we have two forms: it was great to see you again / seeing you again was great. Would you be so kind in commenting on it? I thank you in advance.

    • Hello, João! You’re right… That’s what I get for trying to post on the blog while blowdrying my hair and having lunch, all at the same time! I’m a Gemini, but enough is enough! 😉 All jokes aside, the gerund is really confusing, and we’re all bound to slip once in a while… For example, in your question: “Would you be so kind in commenting on it?” you’ve used the present participle (also known as gerund), but don’t you think it would be better this way “Would you be so kind as to comment on it?”? As much as I tried, I wasn’t able to find any other way to say that… I guess we’re all in a hurry, what with Christmas just around the corner! By the way, Merry Christmas!

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