Expression of the week: 4 expressions with “at…”

“At best”

Portuguese equivalent: “no melhor dos casos.”

Sample sentences:

“He will get a 7 at best. He’s not that good at Math.”

At best we’ll have missed the teasers. The movie won’t have started yet.


“At last”

Portuguese equivalent: “finalmente”.

Sample sentences:

“I’ve arrived at last! The traffic was nasty.”

At last we learn the actor’s secret: he had two wives!”


“At least”

Portuguese equivalent: “pelo menos”.

Sample sentences:

“The man will be in jail for at least 20 years before he may be granted parole”.

At least now I know why she didn’t call: she was sick in bed”.


“At (the) most”

Portuguese equivalent: “no máximo”.

Sample sentences:

“You can wait in the car. I’ll be 5 minutes at (the) most“.

“Each customer may purchase at (the) most 3 items on sale.”


Know any other way to express these ideas? Got any other sample sentences? Send them to me!


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