Bomb threat

Have you ever thought that there might be a bomb in the airplane you’re on? What would you do if there was a bomb threat on your flight? If you were a pilot, what actions would you take? If you were a flight attendant, how would you keep the passengers calm? If you were a passenger, how would you collaborate with the crewmembers?

The pilots of two cargo flights and all the people on board a passenger flight bound for Chicago had to think about those questions yesterday. Potentially explosive material was found on board two cargo aircraft, one in the U.K. and one in Dubai. Also, a passenger flight from Yemen to Chicago had to land in New York City after being escorted by fighter jets. Was it really a threat? See what is said by news agencies below:

You can read the news here,  here, here and here.
Watch it in video here, here and here. (The last one is a statement given by President Obama)

You may want to check out the different approaches taken by American websites and British ones.

Are you able to answer these questions?

– As a pilot/ flight attendant/ passenger, how would you react to an inspection performed by authorities in search of explosive material?
– What precautions should you take to make sure no objects are out inside your luggage during the flight?
– What items are forbidden to be taken on board due to explosive hazard, and why?
– What’s the difference between “friends” and “allies”?


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