First, a joke…

You may have heard this joke in Portuguese, but are you able to understand it in English?

A woman takes her husband to the doctor. When he comes out, the doctor calls her into his office and says:

– Your husband is profoundly stressed. His state is quite delicate, and unless you follow the instructions I’m going to lay down now, your husband will most certainly die.

These 10 simple instructions will save his life:

1)  Make him a substantial breakfast every morning.
2) Offer him nutritious dishes for lunch.
3) For dinner, cook him something special, like Japanese, Italian or French food.
4) Have beer in stock at all times.
5) Never interrupt his soccer game on TV.
6) Quit watching soap operas.
7) Do not bother him with girl problems.
8 ) Let him come home as late as he wants.
9) Never ask him where he’s been.
10) Satisfy all his sexual needs.

On their way home, the husband asks his wife what the doctor has told her.

She answers:
– He said you’re gonna die.


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