Con artist in the friendly skies…

Most boys dream of becoming pilots when they grow up. Some go ahead to train and get licensed and actually achieve their childhood goal. Others… well, others go ahead and forge their own license and pray that no one will catch them. Believe it or not that’s what happened today At Schipol Airport, in Amsterdam (Netherlands).

According to the news seen here, here and here, a Swedish 41-year-old man was arrested when preparing for what would be a flight from Amsterdam to Ankara, Turkey. Apparently, Swedish authorities had alerted the Dutch about him, because he had already tried something similar in Sweden a few years back. The man claimed to have been flying for at least 13 years in several international airlines and supposedly had at least 10,000 flight hours. He allegedly had a license to fly smaller planes for some time, although it is unclear whether it was valid or not.

Have you noticed the words in bold italics? They all express the idea of uncertainty. That means that the information given is not confirmed or cannot be proved. It’s crucial to pay attention to these markers when reading anything, not to be misled by untrue information… Newspapers use this strategy a lot, beware!!

Besides, ICAO says that pilots must be able to use this kind of language in order to get level 4. Are you?


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