Expression of the week: Valentine’s Day Special

Today is Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this very special date, I have a challenge for you!

The text below contains 5 idiomatic expressions related to love, dating and relationships. If you are able to replace them with the ‘plain English’ version of all of them correctly, you’ll win a free class! You have one week to send me your answers by e-mail. I will post the correct answer and the name of the winner next Sunday.

Here’s an example of what your answer should look like:

Original text: “So I heard that you’re tying the knot! Congratulations!”

Plain English version: “So I hear that you’re getting married! Congratulations!”

If more than one person has the correct answer, the winner will be the first to send me the email, according to the time stamp in the message.

TEXT: “When Paul met Sara, he fell head over heels for her. She, on the other hand, was not so excited when he decided to go dutch on their first date.  But as time went by he grew on her and she felt she had found Mr Right. They were both nervous when he popped the question! But now they are the happiest couple you’ve ever seen!”

Good luck!


Para comemorar o Valentine’s Day, proponho um desafio a vocês!

O texto acima contém 5 expressões idiomáticas relativas ao amor, namoro e relacionamentos. Se você conseguir substituí-las corretamente com a versão em inglês ‘normal’, você ganhará uma aula grátis! Vocês tem apenas uma semana para me enviar as respostas por email. Farei um post com a resposta correta e o vencedor no próximo domingo.

Veja acima um exemplo de como a sua resposta deve ser.

Se mais de uma pessoa tiver a resposta correta, o vencedor será aquele que tiver enviado o email antes, de acordo com a data na mensagem de e-mail.

Boa sorte!


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