ICAO Level 4 and Up: Vocabulary Vol. 2 – Paraphrasing practice

Here’s one more paraphrasing practice exercise to boost your vocabulary. The first one is here. Can’t remember what ‘paraphrasing’ means? It’s when you use different words to explain the same idea, for example: you forgot the word ‘runway’ during a conversation. You don’t have to stop to try to remember the word, you can try instead to explain it in other words so your interlocutor can understand. So ‘runway’ would go something like this: ‘a strip where you can land and take off from’.

So, try telling this story in your words. Try hard not to use the same words in the article:

Pilot Walks Away From Morgan County Helicopter Crash (taken from here)

Mark McDaniel, from Martinsville, was able to walk away from the wreckage after his twin-seat helicopter crashed into a bean field near an apartment complex on that city’s west side.

Indiana State Police say that the 50-year-old man was performing maneuvers when he lost control and crashed Sunday morning about 200 yards behind the apartments.

Witnesses told police they saw the helicopter go into a spin before the crash.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the crash.

Medics treated McDaniel at the scene.


Tabela ICAO Nível 4 e Acima: Vocabulário Vol. 2

Aqui está mais um exercício de paráfrase para ampliar seu vocabulário.  Não lembra o que significa ‘paráfrase’? É quando você usa palavras diferentes para explicar a mesma ideia, por exemplo: você esquece a palavra ‘runway’ durante uma conversa. Você não precisa parar para lembrar a palavra, você pode ao invés disso explicá-la em outras palavras de modo que seu interlocutor entenda. Então ‘runway’ ficaria algo assim: ‘a strip where you can land and take off from’.

Então, tente contar esta história com suas próprias palavras. Concentre-se para não usar as mesmas palavras do artigo: (acima)


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