It’s A New Fad

It seems like the threats against commercial aircraft in the U.S. has become a new fad. There was a new

Taken from

Hawaiian Airlines B767

situation yesterday, as you can se

e here, here and here.  Apparently, a passenger refused to stow his carry-on luggage in the

appropriate compartment and made some threats against the crew members. That was enough to make the pilot decide to turn around and return to the origin airport, in Portland, Oregon, although it is not known who called for the escort.

Think of these questions, and see if you would be able to answer them in compliance with level 4:

– What would you have done if you were the captain of this flight?
– If you had decided to return to the airport, what would you have done if you had seen the F-15 fighter jets escorting you there? What would you say to them after establishing communications?
– Do you agree that a good solution for this kind of situation would be to always have a US Marshall onboard? Why? Why not?
– Do you think commercial crew members should have some kind of training to enable them to neutralize this kind of threat and avoid such costly solutions as returning to the airport or alternating?

You need good vocabulary and structure (a.k.a. grammar) to be able to answer these questions. Let’s practice this in class!


Virou Moda

Parece que as ameaças contra voos comerciais nos Estados Unidos viraram moda. Houve outro evento ontem, como você pode ver nos links do post acima. Aparentemente, um passageiro se recusou a guardar sua bagagem de mão no compartimento apropriado e ameaçou a tripulação. Isso foi o suficiente para fazer com que o piloto decidisse dar meia volta e pousar no aeroporto de origem, em Portland, no estado do Oregon, embora não se saiba quem ordenou a escolta.

Veja se consegue responder às questões acima de acordo com nível 4. Para isso, você precisa de um bom vocabulário e de boas estruturas (vulgo

gramática). Vamos praticar em aula!


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