Bad Weather and its Consequences (listening + vocabulary practice)

Bad weather is a hazard for aviation, there’s no question about it. And it seems like this year things have gotten as bad as they can get, based on the news we see on the media. Today has been a critical day for transportation in general especially in Europe and in the Northeast of the U.S, as you can see here, here, here and here

Have you ever had any problems due to bad weather? Was it as severe as the problems faced by pilots in the Northern hemisphere? Do you think the weather has been deteriorating in the past few years? How so?

Remember that if we were in class, this exercise would be oral, and you would be practicing all you need to get your English up to ICAO’s level 4 (or higher!).

Do you know these vocabulary items about the weather? Blizzard, breeze, drizzle, drought, flood, flurries, fog, frost, hail, hurricane, lightning, puddle, rain, shower, snow, thunderstorm, tornado. Do they affect aircraft operations? If so, how?

Practice with an exercise about the weather forecast and check the pronunciation of some vocabulary items about the wather here.


O Mau Tempo e suas Consequencias (prática de listening e vocabulário)

O mau tempo representa um risco para a aviação, sem dúvida. E parece que esse ano as coisas estão realmente muito ruins, com base no que vemos na mídia. Hoje foi um dia particularmente ruim para os transportes em geral principalmente na Europa e nos Estados Unidos (veja links das matérias acima).  

Responda às questões acima para ativar todo o seu vocabulário a respeito das condições meterológicas em inglês.

Lembre-se de que, em sala de aula, esse exercício seria oral, e você estaria praticando as habilidades necessárias para atingir o nível 4 da ICAO (ou até mais!)

Há links para outros exercícios acima. Confira!


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