Slow takeoff: Listening Practice

Before you watch this video, think about the questions below marked with a *. After watching it, think about the ones marked with a +. Remember that if this was being done in class, we would discuss these questions orally, and you would be practicing all the ICAO criteria – Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interactions. Send me your answers if you like!


Decolagem lenta: Prática de Listening

Antes de assistir a este vídeo, pense nas questões marcadas com *. Após assistir ao vídeo, pense nas questões marcadas com +. Lembre-se de que se estivéssemos fazendo esse exercício em sala de aula, essa discussão seria oral, e você estaria praticando todos os quesitos de avaliação da ICAO – Pronúncia, Estrutura, Vocabulário, Fluência, Compreensão e Interações. Se quiser, envie-me as respostas!


*1) What are some problems that can happen during the takeoff run?
*2) What could cause an aircraft to use all the runway length to take off?
*3) What would you do if you were unable to rotate the aircraft?

+1) Why do you think the pilot took so long to lift up the aircraft?
+2) What did the controllers say about it?
+3) Was it easy or difficult to understand what the controllers were saying? If it was difficult, was it because of the vocabulary or the accent?
+4) If you were the captain of this aircraft, would you have proceeded with the takeoff or would you have aborted it? Why?


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